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This catalogue of our eBook titles in medicine comprises various ebooks on advances in Alzheimer research, antibodies applications and new developments, advances in anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry, angiogenesis and therapeutic targets in cancer, cardiac resynchronization therapy, chemical induced seizures, chemoinformatics, bioencapsulation of living cells for diverse medical applications, dermatological treatments, electrocardiography, glucose homeostatis and insulin resistance, immunology of pregnancy, kidney transplantation, tuberculosis treatment, helicobacter pylori, therapeutic revolution, surgical inflammation, thyroid cancer, stem cell and regenerative medicine, oral infections and cardiovascular disease, physiologic autoimmunity and preventive medicine and many more.

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Journal Catalogue: Patent Review & Research Journals

Catalog Description:This is a catalog of our patent review and research journals. You can learn about our publications about the latest patents in several scientific fields.



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All international students are welcome to the educational experience and cultural diversity on campus at Yeditepe University as well as the broader environment found in the fascinating city of Istanbul where the historically ancient mix with the technically modern, the East meets the West, and the differences of culture, music, languages, cuisine, religions and philosophies are bridged through education.   Student Services   The International Office is instrumental in assisting the new international students in becoming familiar with the school and active participants in the life of the university. Whenever there is a question that needs answering, or a guide in the right direction, the program coordinators and student assistants provide advice, friendship, and general support in finding solutions.   New international students should report to the office, located on the 5th floor of the Law Building across from the Social Center on the main campus, in order to confirm immigration status, student registration status, and receive information on housing, restaurants, a map of the campus, as well as general orientation on registration procedures.

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SMI’s 2nd annual conference on Immunogenicity |29th & 30th June 2015 |

SMi presents the 2nd annual conference on… Immunogenicity
Understanding and modulating immunity in therapeutics
29th & 30th June 2015 | Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London, UK

p-138-(120-x-240)This year’s conference will explore the latest updates on the prediction and reduction of immunogenicity, clinical results and interpretations and optimising bioassays. Through a series of interactive presentations, workshop led by selected case studies from leading drug development teams, bioanalytical experts, and academics the programme aims to provide insight on developments necessary to deliver safe, efficacious large molecule drugs to improve the lives of patients.

Reasons why you should attend:

  • Gain an understanding of immunogenicity and challenges in biologics development
  • Explore tolerance induction techniques in detail
  • Discover the latest in pre-clinical models
  • Learn more about neutralising antibody assay best practice
  • Receive updates on the ABIRISK project


Register online at www.immuno.co.uk/benthamscience

Contact Frederick Agboletey on +44 (0)20 7827 6070 or email: fagboletey@smi-online.co.uk