1. Recent Patents on Engineering

“Recent Patents on Engineering” is a very reputed journal. The review process followed is rigorous, fast and constructive which is made possible with the support of a high caliber editorial board. My experience was  quite excellent!


Dr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes

Electronics & Communication

Engineering, Karunya University,




Contributor of Article: 3D and 4D Face Recognition: A Comprehensive Review



2. Current Organic Chemistry

I am very much pleased with Bentham Science Publishers’ publishing procedure. The fact that 5 reviewers evaluated our paper is very important. It certainly helps “Current Organic Chemistry” to keep up its high standards, but at the same time and more importantly for authors, it assists them in refining manuscripts in the best possible way.

The administrative personnel are very helpful and efficient.


Dr. Vladimir Savic

Faculty of Pharmacy,

Department of Organic Chemistry,

University of Belgrade,




Contributor of Article: Organocatalysis in Synthesis of Pyrrolidine Derivatives via Cycloaddition Reactions of Azomethine Ylides



3. Current Computer-Aided Drug Design

It is my immense pleasure to be one of the authors of Bentham Science Publishers. As an author, I am extremely happy to share my feedback. My article was published in “Current Computer-Aided Drug Design”.

I found the quality, services and support at BSP quite excellent. I have also come to learn that Bentham journals have a very high standard and they always try to maintain it. I am also pleased with their quick response and timely updates. I am thanking all the reviewers for their precious time and critical suggestions.

I also thank the editorial board and the publishing staff for their support and guidance. I would like to thank the Editor- in-Chief, Dr. Subhash Basak and other editorial members for their valuable suggestions, guidance and feedback.

I am very much honored to be an author in Bentham Science Publishers.

Dr. Sinosh Skariyachan

R & D Centre, Department of


Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering,

Bangalore, Karnataka,



Contributor of Article: Molecular Modeling on Streptolysin-O of Multidrug Resistant Streptococcus Pyogenes and Computer Aided Screening and In Vitro Assay for Novel Herbal Inhibitors