Surgical Inflammation- Book Review


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Surgical Inlammation

Surgical Inflammation, edited by Arias, Aller and Arias, is a series of in-depth review chapters pertaining to the discussion of inflammation as it applies to surgery. This Spanish grouping has a long standing interest in the topics discussed and use the present textbook to present their own viewpoints and hypotheses on the principles underlying the inflammatory response. The book itself is fairly wordy with interspersed hand-drawn (yet attractive) diagrams detailing the processes described. Chapter titles include “Embryological basis of inflammation”,”The polytraumatized patient” and “Cancer: using the inflammatory way”, with up to 200 references per chapter. The text is at times dramatic and intriguing with section titles including “Mast cells as executors of the pathological axis of inflammation:  Guardians when not Terrorists” and “The inflammatory interstitium behaves like an endothelial egg”. The initial chapters (2-4) describe several different but valid descriptions of the phases of the inflammatory response, including the nervous, immune and endocrine phases and the colours of the inflammatory response. The authors clearly believe embryological principles underpin a great deal of the processes described and this is a theme throughout. Ultimately this is an interesting read and a substantial body of work from an established grouping. However, the content is fairly specific and not particularly useful for clinicians seeking a general overview of the topic.

Reviewed by: C Roxburgh – Glasgow Royal Infirmary, The British Journal of Surgery, Wiley / 27 June 2014

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