Recently Published Issue of the Journal Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurshi

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (TTE) publishes definitive review articles including case histories covering a broad range of topics that underlie the business of biomedical and research, specifically translating basic scientific discoveries into commercial opportunities. This includes understanding of the technology transfer process and entrepreneurship in academia, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries; directed towards economic development, better healthcare, and long-term job creation. The journal scope includes economic insights on how technology is transferred within the bioscience and healthcare industries, and the underlying entrepreneurship that embodies scientific and biomedical research.

Following are the articles from the journal Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship, 2 Issue 1:

Article: Evaluating the Success of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program: Impact on Biotechnology Companies in Pennsylvania

Author(s): Ian M. Silverman, Jennine M. Dawicki-McKenna, David W. Frederick, Chris Bialas, Jarrett R. Remsberg, Nicole L. Yohn, Nikolina Sekulic, Allen B. Reitz and Dennis M. Gross

Article: Navigating the Sea Changes in Patent Law to Successfully Build Value

Author(s): Elizabeth M. Barnhard and Amy Gallup Klann

Article: Enhancing Technology Transfer on University Campuses Through Trainee-Led Grassroots Efforts: A Case Study of The BALSA Group and Fourth River Solutions

Author(s): S. Kyle Austin, Chris Fiore, Saik-Kia Goh, Maximiliaan Schillebeeckx, Nathan L. Vanderford and Brett Maricque

Article: Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programs: One Size Does Not Fit All

Author(s): Jessica M. Silvaggi, Orin Herskowitz and Carlton J. Reeves

Article: The Traditional Training of PhDs Threatens the Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Pipeline While Innovative Programs Provide Unique Recovery Opportunities

Author(s): Viviane Callier, Steve Greenbaum and Nathan L. Vanderford

Article: Operational Factors that Can Help Manufacturing Firms Transition to Green Enterprises

Author(s): Ramesh K. Agarwal

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Author: Bentham Science Publishers

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