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Evaluating High-Dose Rivastigmine Patch in Severe Alzheimer’s Disease: Analyses with Concomitant Memantine Usage as a Factor

Background: ACTION, a 24-week, prospective, randomized, parallel-group, double-blind study in patients with severe Alzheimer’s disease (AD), demonstrated significant efficacy of 13.3 mg/24 h versus 4.6 mg/24 h rivastigmine patch on the Severe Impairment Battery (SIB) and Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study–Activities of Daily Living scale–Severe Impairment Version (ADCS-ADL-SIV). Overall, 61% of the study population received at least 1 dose of concomitant memantine, regardless of dose or duration. This retrospective analysis investigated the effects of concomitant memantine on the efficacy, safety and tolerability of 13.3 mg/24 h versus 4.6 mg/24 h rivastigmine patch. Methods: Patients were stratified according to whether or not they received at least one dose of concomitant memantine during the double-blind phase. Changes from baseline on the SIB and ADCS-ADL-SIV were compared using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with treatment, pooled center, memantine usage and treatment-by-memantine as factors, and baseline as a covariate. Safety and tolerability were assessed. Results: Memantine-treated patients were younger than those not receiving memantine (mean 75.9 and 78.8 years, respectively), with a lower screening Mini-Mental State Examination (8.6 and 9.2, respectively). ANCOVA confirmed there was no significant interaction (p>0.1) between study treatment and memantine use on the SIB or ADCS-ADL-SIV. The incidence of adverse events was: 71.4%, 13.3 mg/24 h patch with memantine; 79.7%, 13.3 mg/24 h patch alone; 74.7%, 4.6 mg/24 h patch with memantine; and 71.1%, 4.6 mg/24 h patch alone. Conclusion: These data suggest benefit of 13.3 mg/24 h versus 4.6 mg/24 h rivastigmine patch, regardless of concomitant memantine use. The incidence of adverse events with highdose patch was similar in memantine-treated patients and those not receiving memantine.

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