Current Bionanotechnology is an international, peer-reviewed journal for bionanoscience and technology. The journal publishes short communications, original research articles, mini-reviews and special issues in all fields of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science and medicine dealing with biological materials at the nanoscale. The scope covers research which combines biological principles with physical and chemical procedures to generate nano-sized building blocks with specific functions and new properties. Also covered are the design and development of biologically-based procedures, the implementation of biological components and systems, the design of biocompatible objects and systems and the use of nanotechnology to support biotechnological processes. Emphasis is on bottom-up approaches for the design and development of novel nanomaterials.

Following are the articles from the journal Current Bionanotechnology, Volume 1 Issue 1:

Article: The Methods of Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Bacteria as Biological Nanofactories, their Mechanisms and Major Applications

Author(s): S. Ghashghaei and G. Emtiazi


Article: Spider Silk and Bioinspired Silk on Wettability

Author(s): Lin Zhao and Yongmei Zheng


Article: Voltammetric and Impidimetric Detection of Anticancer Drug Mitomycin C and DNA Interaction by Using Carbon Nanotubes Modified Electrodes

Author(s): Ece Eksin, Hakan Karadeniz and Arzum Erdem


Article: Studies on Biocide Encapsulated Zeolite-epoxy Nano Hybrid Coatings on Mild Steel

Author(s): Palanivelu Saravanan, Sridhar Aparna, Srinivasan Ananda Kumar and Dhanapal Duraibabu


Article: About Mechanism of Gas Transport Function and Side Reactions of Perfluorocarbon Nano-dispersions

Author(s): I.N. Kuznetsova


Article: Smart Biodecorated Hybrid Nanoparticles

Author(s): Ignác Capek


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