Due to the plethora of new approaches being used in modern drug discovery by the pharmaceutical industry, Current Drug Discovery Technologies has been established to provide comprehensive overviews of all the major modern techniques and technologies used in drug design and discovery. The journal is the forum for publishing original research papers, reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues describing novel approaches and cutting edge technologies used in all stages of drug discovery. The journal addresses the multidimensional challenges of drug discovery science including integration issues of the drug discovery process.


Articles from the journal on Current Drug Discovery Technologies, 12 issue 1
Article: Targeted Cancer Therapy: The Next Generation of Cancer Treatment
Author(s): Troy A. Baudino

Article: Hair Growth: Focus on Herbal Therapeutic Agent
Author(s):  Satish Patel, Vikas Sharma, Nagendra S. Chauhan, Mayank Thakur and V.K. Dixit

Article: Repulsive Apoptosis During Exposure of Mesencephalic Neural Stem Cells to Silver Nanoparticles in a Neurosphere Assay In Vitro
Author(s): Masami Ishido, Eiko Shimaya, Rumiko Usu, Yoshika Kurokawa and Seishiro Hirano

Article: State of the Art Detection System for Curcumin Analog
Author(s): Angelene Hannah Jebarani, Arul Prakash Francis and Thiyagarajan Devasena

Article: In Vitro Protective Potentials of Annona muricata Leaf Extracts Against Sodium Arsenite-induced Toxicity
Author(s):  Vazhappilly Cijo George, Devanga Ragupathi Naveen Kumar, Palamadai Krishnan Suresh and Rangasamy Ashok Kumar

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