Current Drug Delivery aims to publish peer-reviewed articles, research articles, short and in-depth reviews, and drug clinical trials studies in the rapidly developing field of drug delivery. Modern drug research aims to build delivery properties of a drug at the design phase, however in many cases this idea cannot be met and the development of delivery systems becomes as important as the development of the drugs themselves. The journal aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in drug and vaccine delivery employing physical, physico-chemical and chemical methods. The drugs include a wide range of bioactive compounds from simple pharmaceuticals to peptides, proteins, nucleotides, nucleosides and sugars. The journal will also report progress in the fields of transport routes and mechanisms including efflux proteins and multi-drug resistance. The journal is essential for all pharmaceutical scientists involved in drug design, development and delivery.

Articles from the journal Current Drug Delivery

Article: Immunostimulant Properties of Chemical Delivery Systems in Vaccine Development

Author(s): Sahar Hosseinzadeh and Azam Bolhassani

Article: Chitosan: A Propitious Biopolymer for Drug Delivery

Author(s): Dibyangana S. Duttagupta, Varsha M. Jadhav and Vilasrao J. Kadam


Article: Novel Delivery Systems for Anti-Allergic Agents: Allergic Disease and Innovative Treatments

Author(s): Carla M. Lopes, Pedro B. Coelho and Rita Oliveira

Article: Preparation, characterization and in vitro release of zein-pectin capsules for target delivery

Author(s): Wai-Wa Tang, Fangyuan Dong, Ka-Hing Wong and Yi Wang

Article: Biochemical Characterization of GM1 Micelles-Amphotericin B Interaction

Author(s): Victoria Leonhard, Roxana V. Alasino, Ismael D. Bianco, Ariel G. Garro, Valeria Heredia and Dante M. Beltramo

Article: Physically Cross-linked Hydrogels of β -cyclodextrin Polymer and Poly(ethylene glycol)-cholesterol as Delivery Systems for Macromolecules and Small Drug Molecules.

Author(s): Shaaban K. Osman, Ghareb M. Soliman and Saleh Abd El Rasoul

Article: Formulation and Evaluation of Different Floating Tablets Containing Metronidazole to Target Stomach

Author(s): Zhiao C. Loh and Amal A. Elkordy

Article: Production of β -cyclodextrin from pH and Thermo Stable Cyclodextrin Glycosyl Transferase, Obtained from Arthrobacter mysorens and Its Evaluation as a Drug Carrier for Irbesartan

Author(s): Y. Rajesh, K. Narayanan, M. Sreenivasa Reddy, Vijaya K. Bhaskar, G. Gautham Shenoy, V. M. Subrahmanyam and J. Venkata Rao

Article: Boswellia carterii Liquisolid Systems with Promoted Anti-inflammatory Activity

Author(s): Dina Mahmoud Mostafa, Nagwa Mohammed Ammar, Sameh Hosam Abd El-Alim, Ahmed Alaa Kassem, Rehab Ali Hussein, Gamal Awad and Sally Abdul-Wanees El-Awdan

Article: Development and Characterization of Spray Dried Microparticles for Pulmonary Delivery of Antifungal Drug

Author(s): Divita Mathpal, Tarun Garg, Goutam Rath and Amit Kumar Goyal

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