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Articles from the journal Current Organic Chemistry
Article: Editorial (Thematic Issue: Graphene: From Synthesis and Functionalization to Applications)
Author(s): Georgios Sakellariou

Article: Surface Initiated Polymerization from Graphene Oxide
Author(s): Nikolaos Politakos, George Liontos, Apostolos Karanastasis, George Zapsas, Dimitrios Moschovas and Apostolos Avgeropoulos

Article: Metallic Particle Assemblies on Graphene
Author(s): Manos Gkikas

Article: Non-covalent Interactions of Graphene with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Author(s): Panagiota Zygouri, Georgia Potsi, Eleftherios Mouzourakis, Konstantinos Spyrou, Dimitrios Gournis and Petra Rudolf

Article: Non-covalent Graphene/Polymer Functional Materials
Author(s): Theodosis Skaltsas, Nikos Tagmatarchis and Stergios Pispas

Article: Polyelectrolyte-graphene Nanocomposites for Biosensing Applications
Author(s): Dimitrios Priftis

Article: Polymer Functionalized Graphene Oxide: A Versatile Nanoplatform for Drug/Gene Delivery
Author(s): George V. Theodosopoulos, Panayiotis Bilalis and Georgios Sakellariou

Article: Recent Advances in Graphene-Based Materials for Lithium Batteries
Author(s): George S. Pappas, Stefania Ferrari and Chaoying Wan

Article: Graphene Nanoribbons: Towards Graphitic Materials with Predefined Dimensions and Electronic Properties
Author(s): Eleftherios K. Pefkianakis, Georgios Sakellariou and Georgios C. Vougioukalakis

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