Current Green Chemistry is an international peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research, expert reviews and thematic issues in all core areas of green chemistry. The scope covers green chemistry related to synthetic chemistry, process and analytical chemistry, separation science, sustainable resources, and alternative environmentally safer chemical procedures.

Following are the articles from the journal Current Green Chemistry, 2 issue 3:

Article: Kabachnik-Fields Reaction Under Green Conditions – A Critical Overview

Author(s): Pawel Kafarski, Michal Gorny vel Gorniak and Iga Andrasiak


Article: Catalytic and MW-Assisted Michaelis-Arbuzov Reactions

Author(s): Anna Dzielak and Artur Mucha


Article: Catalytic Reactions in Fluorinated Phosphonates Synthesis

Author(s): Magdalena Rapp, Tomasz Cytlak, Marta Z. Szewczyk and Henryk Koroniak


Article: Microwave Irradiation As a Substitute for Phase Transfer Catalyst in CAlkylation Reactions

Author(s): Gyorgy Keglevich and Alajos Grun


Article: Polymer-supported Phase Transfer Catalysts in Green Organic Syntheses

Author(s):  Gheorghe Ilia, Smaranda Iliescu and Adriana Popa


Article: Catalyst-Free Organic Synthesis At Room Temperature in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Media: An Emerging Field of Green Chemistry Practice and Sustainability

Author(s): Goutam Brahmachari and Bubun Banerjee


Article: Elaboration of Eco-friendly Nano-structured Ni/SiO2 and Pd/Ni/SiO2 Catalysts and Their Application for the Reduction of Nitro Compounds

Author(s): Ludmyla F. Sharanda, Yaroslav Y. Khomunyk, Yuliya V. Rassukana, Oleg A. Yegorov, Ludmyla S. Lysyuk, Volodymyr M. Ogenko, Sergiy V. Volkov and Petro P. Ony`sko


Article: Synthesis of (S)-(+)-2-(N-benzylamino)butan-1-ol from its Schiff Base by Catalytic Hydrogenation over Palladium

Author(s):  Laszlo Hegedus, Sandor Miskolczi, Gyorgy Bansaghi, Edit Szekely and Ferenc Faigl


Article: Highly Selective Synthesis of Carboxamides via Transition Metal Catalysed Aminocarbonylation

Author(s):  Mercedesz Kiss, Attila Takacs and Laszlo Kollar


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