Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery, Volume 10Number 3

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, 10(3): 243

Patrick Legembre


pH Gradient Reversal: An Emerging Hallmark of Cancers,

(3): 244 – 258

Mohit Sharma
, Madhusudan Astekar, Sonal Soi, Bhari S. Manjunatha, Devi C. Shetty and Raghu Radhakrishnan.

Cabozantinib in Thyroid Cancer

, 10(3): 259 – 269

Poupak Fallahi, Silvia M. Ferrari, Flavia Di Bari, Gabriele Materazzi, Salvatore Benvenga, Paolo Miccoli and Alessandro Antonelli.

FOXM1 and its Oncogenic Signaling in Gastric Cancer

, 10(3): 270 – 279

Hanying Wang and Chen Huang.

Recent Patents on Thiazole Derivatives Endowed with Antitumor Activity

, 10(3): 280 – 297

Rita Morigi, Alessandra Locatelli, Alberto Leoni and Mirella Rambaldi.

Angiogenesis Markers in Gynecological Tumors and Patents for Anti- Angiogenic Approach: Review

, 10(3): 298 – 307

Douglas R. Abdalla, Cindy Simoens, John-Paul Bogers, Eddie F.C. Murta and Marcia A Michelin.

Purine Analogues as Kinase Inhibitors: A Review

, 10(3): 308 – 341

Sahil Sharma, Samir Mehndiratta, Sunil Kumar, Jagjeet Singh, Preet M.S. Bedi and Kunal Nepali.

“Impact of Smoking Cessation Treatment” on Lung Function and Response Rate in EGFR Mutated Patients: A Short-Term Cohort Study

, 10(3): 342 – 351

Aldo Pezzuto, Luciano Stumbo, Marco Russano, Pierfilippo Crucitti, Simone Scarlata, Marco Caricato and Giuseppe Tonini.

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