Disciplining Kids Through Spanking; Smart Idea or not?


Many a parents face this question when they are dealing with their children. Often children fail to obey their parents or understand what their parents are wanting from them in terms of behavior. Reason may be any but the result has to be disappointment and anger for the parents. Consequently, the children sometimes get a spanking. But studies and common sense also suggest that spanking can be more destructive than of help.

The Academy of American Pediatrics has stated some reasons to make parents stop the practice in its “Guidance for Effective Discipline”:

  • Spanking gives the message that violence helps resolve conflicts and no other means.
  • It makes all other positive disciplinary actions ineffective as kids then only understand parents’ aggression to be a signal to stop.
  • Beating and threats cause the kids to be violent themselves.
  • They also grow up to be aggressive adults and especially, bad-tempered parents.
  • The parents who beat their kids are actually only relieving their frustration. Hence they keep doing it more.spanking

Positive Measures for Disciplining:

Here are some proper options to replace spanking.

  • You can request or explain to your children. They would appreciate your love and show of respect for them, and would reciprocate.
  • Using a commanding tone and words that are well within the bounds of respect, can help too.
  • Gentle touch to guide children is also a decent idea. Children understand when you guide them through actions and caring nudge.
  • A harder means is called reinforcements. You may take away anything of their liking as a punishment for some time. Also, they can be confined to a room etc. for an hour or little more.



source: medical observer

Author: Bentham Science Publishers

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