Holiday season is on and we are all enjoying lovely winter break. This is the best time to realize how far away from stressors we are. But, off the work, if we are feeling relaxed then it is a tell-tale sign that work has been adding to our stress big-time! We can fight the stress off but for some people it becomes a chronic problem. Their jobs need to bear the blame.

Here are some common signs that your work is stressful and you need to do something about it:

  1. Getting frequent headaches on and off our work
  2. Feeling pain in the jaw is also a marker. Often we unintentionally are grinding or teeth in tension or stiffening our jaw bones. This habit can become a usual habit and hurts most of the time
  3. Watch out for troubling tummy as stress can make it ache. Work-related stress can give you bugs in the stomach
  4. Oily skin, freckles and pimples are also an unwelcome sign as stress increases cortisol in body and spoils your skin
  5. Thinning of hair can be attributed to stress too. Beware!!

Keep track of your health and never ignore yourself … Happy holidays!!!!