Kids and Animals – Endless Fondness!

We have all observed that children have an innate fondness for animals, in real life as well as cartoons. They feel utterly fascinated by any animal that they find around them. They may be cats, dogs, rabbits or beasts many a times larger than themselves. They like to go closer, touch them, try playing and cuddling them. Most animals respond in the same manner. Why is that so?


Here are a few possible answers:

  1. Children find animals cute and like to touch their furry bodies. They give a feel of softness even to the eyes.
  2. Animals have a sense of responding naturally, especially to affection and attention. They return the looks and gestures to children.
  3. Animals like to soothe humans too. They like to have the feel of children and vice versa.
  4. We all like to control others. Children cannot control adults but they can control their fellow animals to a good extent. This helps them learn to make other beings do things they like.
  5. Animals are simple and trustworthy. They reciprocate the simple feelings generating from within children.


This bond is good to have as it nurtures both – children and the animals.

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