Depression and anxiety have for ages been thought to be temporary problems that fade away with the passage of time. They occur in people who have suffered from some loss and as they move on the ill effects disappear.


Contrary to this understanding, for the people battling with depression moving on is not a usual happening. Psychiatrists have recently studied, observed and written a lot about such mental problems and have come to conclude that these are far more resilient than thought. Being utterly diabolic, depression lurks in the mind and only unveils itself with the occurrence of certain negative incidents like someone beloved leaving oneself for someone else etc. According to the psychiatrists if the aggrieved person stays in distress for two weeks it is natural, but if the dire pain prevails longer, then certainly the problem is different.

Depression sufferers can’t rid themselves of their dark thoughts. They keep thinking them over and over because they can’t find a logical response to their problems. Commonly they try to find solace with friends but their anxiety is so imminent in their behavior that their friends can feel it too. Others find it hard to stay with the sufferers as very few can understand and deal with such people. This can further magnify the mental issues. The best help for them are the psychiatrists and a visit to them should never be avoided.

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