The planet we live in has been through a lot naturally and thanks to the occurrences, has undergone several changes. So have the resources it offers, altered and reduced with time. But it has never borne beating to the levels it suffers today. As the humans have multiplied and industrial advancements have grown the ecology has had to face a rather tough time.


Among many hazards introduced by mankind the worst have been the spread of toxic chemicals. In order to make goods and facilities available to most of the humans, the industries have developed rapidly. The production levels of products are massive now and so are the levels of waste materials. The toxic waste has to be dumped somewhere and mostly it is disposed in open areas, either under water or the land. Ironically, living beings existing in all such places get extremely adversely affected. As all life on Earth is interdependent for survival, therefore we, humans, bear the toll as well.

There has been much talk nowadays about disposing the waste out of the planet into the space but it is a very far-fetched and unrealistic idea for now.

Dr. Francisco Sánchez-Bayo and his colleagues have written in great detail about the topic of toxic waste affecting the ecology on Earth in their book, Ecological Impacts of Toxic Chemicals.