Walking is known to be the best exercise for all ages. It keeps the muscles strong; helps steady our posture, burns calories and heart beat consistent. Most people rarely get time to venture out of homes and away from workplaces to give time to brisk walks. The best solution for all such busy people is a treadmill standing nearest to them – whether at home or at work. Treadmill’s popularity tells the tale about its utility. Here we have researched a few important advantages that may entice anyone to buy it for themselves.


  1. Treadmill is handy equipment that takes very little space and does not need a dedicated room only for exercise.
  2. Its surface is flat and trustworthy for running and walking.
  3. It helps improve cardio activity
  4. One can gage their calories burnt and heartbeat through the digital meters.
  5. Custom speeds can be set on treadmill and friction levels and steepness can also be adjusted.

Keep walking!!