Swim Towards A Healthy Life!

When I was ten years old I had my first ever experience of stepping into a swimming pool. The experience of learning to swim was so overwhelming that since then I have been advocating it as the best exercise and pastime for everyone. Swimming is the best because it is the easiest to adopt; all you need is a pool of water or a safe natural water source. You just have to learn to float and that’s the only part people find hard. Once it is learned, you can try all the strokes that you watch your favorite swimmers sporting.


Swimming is highly recommended by the doctors and laypeople alike, but why? Here we have some answers for this why.

  • Fun – Humans have a natural fondness for water. The idea of stepping into a pool is mostly pretty exhilarating for our mind. We feel free and utterly relaxed while immersed in water. No wonder we have a variety of water sports that are absolutely wildly followed.
  • Relief from pain – Back pain or any other sprain we have in our body gets a soothing feel in the water. As the body heat gets expelled in water, a relieving cool takes its place.
  • Strength in muscles – Movement in water makes us exert energy and thus makes almost every muscle in the body strive to push us forward. This especially applies to the times when we have to immerse deeper towards the ground underneath. Shoulders, arms and legs simultaneously take the toll and make themselves stronger.
  • Good for pregnant women – At the time of expecting, often doctors prescribe the women to try water aerobics. Exercising in water helps them get stronger abdominal muscles as well as all other aching muscles. The joints that are stressed out also find it relaxing.

Swimming is about a lot more benefits than stated. Do you have any to share?

Author: Bentham Science Publishers

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