Blog ::: Are ADHD, Autism and OCD Related?

Scientists from Toronto, Canada went on to study autism, ADHD and OCD focusing on the changes in brains of children suffering from these dreaded disorders. Their findings revealed that all the three are quite closely related. Our brains have white matter which determines our connectivity with the outside world, the way we concentrate, remember, interact with others and surroundings and our overall behavior.


The white matter carries network of neurons covering the brain. The scientist found that the patients of ADHD, autism and OCD had impaired tract of white matter joining the right and the left hemisphere. This impairment is more severe in autistic children and ADHD sufferers than in children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This could be imagined as the latter is not as distinctly visible than the former two. Still the symptoms are much the same and primarily show as behavioral problem.

For a long time the researchers have been studying them all separately but now they can be seen under same scope.

Author: Bentham Science Publishers

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