Enjoy Your Shrimps – Rich In Taste & Also Health!!

Ask me, I am crazy for shrimps, be it in any form – fried, in curries or made with rice. But I often come across people who dislike shrimps so much that they claim to have never even tasted the delicacy. With all such folks I’d like to share the health benefits they can get with adding shrimps to their diet.


Shrimps are very rich in protein and are preferably recommended for fulfilling our muscles’ needs. They are far better than red meat, as they are known to carry fewer bacteria. Shrimps are also free from saturated fats which cause trouble in our body. The little amount of unsaturated fat present is good for us.

Shrimps are essentially rich in minerals. Though, it carries a lot of sodium which can be troublesome for people with blood pressure issues.

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