Doping – How it Hurts!?

Whenever there is a major sports event starting, there is always news about anti-doping agencies being active with checking, investigating and clearing/banning athletes from participation. The most recent is the entire Russian Paralympics team getting banned from Rio Olympics 2016. This brings up the question, what is doping at all? Also, how it hurts individuals and rest?


Doping basically is substance abuse. To simplify it, the athletes are likely to use certain substances that can potentially enhance their performance. The substances or drugs may be hormones or chemicals that activate enzymes and body organs to work more and strongly than usual. But these power boosters come with a catch. They are likely to cause the athletes to face physical and mental problems in certain cases, for instance, kidney failure or neurotic and behavioral issues. Some can be fatal as well if taken in access and against the body’s need.

These are hazards for the athletes on a personal level. On national level and organizational level such cases, if appeared, cause a lot of insult and disgrace. The idea is that the regulators and enforcers at such level are ignorant and fail to guide their athletes.

The situation can be as grave as one can imagine. We all remember Lance Armstrong and his tale of success and disgrace.

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