Does Burnt Food Cause Cancer?

It has been debated for long how much cooking, does food require for it to stay fit to be consumed. In some parts of the world meat and vegetables are barely cooked, as the popular belief is that cooking may activate chemicals that cause cancer. On the contrary, some other regions believe leaving it half cooked or raw, for that matter, renders the food unhealthy. Scientists have found that both the ideas are correct in their own ways. Uncooked or half-done food may allow some forms of bacteria to survive in the food and make us ill.


But burnt food is even more harmful for it produces a chemical ‘acrylamide’ that is feared to cause certain forms of cancer. The catch is that so far the cases of cancer produced by acrylamide have been observed in cows and other animals but barely in humans. Though it is a carcinogen but probably the quantities are not much in our food to support malignant growths. This is a blessing as we see it. Acrylamide has been tested to be present in carbohydrates and not in proteins. Thus meat of all forms is free from it.

But, beware, because meat has other chemicals that can prove carcinogenic at certain temperatures and conditions. So, we are strictly advised to cook food but keep it golden and prevent it from turning brown or black.

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