‘Pokémon Go’ – What Shall I Say?!

The talk-of-town this summer has been Pokémon Go, the virtual reality game where the players have to seek imaginary creatures, Pokémon’s in real locations. This cellphone game is spreading like wildfire as it has been downloaded by 100 million people since July. Players are readily found in the house, office and outside holding cellphones and moving around in various directions to catch a Pokémon. They are often completely oblivious of their surroundings when on the hunt.


Study, though in very initial stage, suggests that this game has brought about increase in accidents or hazardous situations. There have been people tripping off, harming themselves as well as others. They can also be found disturbing traffic on roads as they are moving around with their cellphones in front of them. This is understandable because the players are actually only focusing on the screens and following directions, caring less about what is happening around them.

This phenomenon is becoming more and more common and so it really does not seem odd much to see a person behaving oddly – looking into the cellphone, then looking around and unnecessarily changing directions. There are also testimonies claiming that this very game has made people make more friends, discover their surroundings more and help with their behavioral issues. Hence I am unsure what to feel about Pokémon Go, negatively or positively.

It’s only a matter of time before psychiatrists and psychologists present their verdict about Pokémon Go.

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