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Nara Medical University, Japan

2015 marks the 70th anniversary for Nara Medical University. So perhaps it’s perfect timing for Nara Medical University to embark on a new journey, to challenge a new frontier. Over the next few years Nara Medical University will begin work on a new campus and a renewal of the facilities at the present campus. While educational and research facilities will be moved to the new campus, clinical and outpatient facilities will be housed in new facilities on the current campus. All of this will be achieved with the input of the surrounding community.

This is a “new frontier” not just for Nara Medical University but also for the people of Nara.

Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN/Cinvestav, Mexico

The Cinvestav was created in 1961 by presidential decree (56 kb) , as a public agency with legal personality and assets. Its founding director, Dr. Arturo Rosenblueth, prompted an academic requirement has resulted in the success of the institution. It has twenty-eight research departments that are distributed by the nine campuses throughout Mexico. Inside the plant researchers Cinvestav 99.3% have a doctorate degree and 92% are members of the National System of Researchers.

Awards and distinctions awarded to researchers:

  • Awards of the Mexican Academy of Science (30 awards)
  • National Science Awards (25 awards)
  • Members of the National College (7 members)
  • Prince of Asturias
  • Palms of the French Academy
  • TWAS awards (9 awards)
  • Members of Board of Governors of Center for Infectious Diseases (Atlanta, USA)

CINVESTAV is among the five most patent institutions in the country.

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