How to be Happy?!

Happiness is the simplest, most important ingredient for good life. It is supposed to be an involuntary feeling that arises without our efforts. It is mostly based on our surroundings, events and happenings. It can be merely described as a good feeling in the mind that you can also feel throughout your body.

Happy business people laughing against white background
Happy business people laughing against white background

But it’s not all that involuntary! Happiness can be triggered through certain activities that we usually do if we want positivity. For instance, we can exercise in the gym and set our positivity hormones, dopamine, free. When we sweat ourselves out in physical workout our mind releases this hormone that soothes our nerves and generates happiness. We are also feeling a sense of accomplishment while pushing that one more bit of our muscle in the exercise. With exercise, we need sleep. When you are deprived of sleep you are bound to feel gloomy. The more hours of sleep you skip in successive nights the more your mood plunges into depression. You then have to cover all the missed hours together to lift your mood.

People are a big source of happiness. You have to spend time with your friends and family. Positive people give you positive vibes. You tend to smile and share the joy. It’s far better than texting or surfing on your phone. Interact with people around you and find your mood on a high!

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