SMI EVENT – 9th annual Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference!

SMi is proud to present the return of their 9th annual Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference to London from 18th January – 19th January 2017.


Gathering a unique audience of senior industry innovators in healthcare and digital marketing including AbbVie, Accenture, Creation, MHRA, MSD, GE Healthcare, Janssen, Lundbeck, and Pfizer, SMi Group’s sell-out show Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry returns to London on 18-19 January 2017.

The two-day conference will provide a platform for senior marketing practitioners to capture the latest trends and technologies, learn from practical case studies and benchmark best practice to maximise digital strategy. Day 1 will address topics on social listening skills for adapting to patient requirements, digital strategy, patient engagement, and creating content to leverage your branding; whilst Day 2 will explore advancements in technology including mHealth apps and their effect on the industry, regulatory updates and social networking for HCPs.

Featured speakers include:

  • Daniel Ghinn, Founder & CEO, Creation Healthcare
  • Julie O’Donnell, Head of Global Customer Interaction Management, Lundbeck
  • Phil Tregunno, Signal Management Unit Manager, WEB-RADR Project Lead, MHRA
  • Thibaud Guymard, Head of Digital Services, MSD
  • Doris Casares, Communications Director, Medicines for Europe
  • Scott Gavin, Regional Lead, Digital Centre of Excellence / Digital Services, Pfizer
  • Dimithri Wignarajah, Head of Content & Social Media, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

..and more!

The event will also feature two pre-conference workshops hosted by Stinesorensen Lundbeck and the Conversationalist Agency.

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