SMI EVENT –3D Cell Culture 2017!

SMi Group proudly presents the inaugural launch of 3D Cell Culture, an exciting new conference scheduled to take place on the 22nd and 23rd February 2017, London UK


Following the success of the sell-out Cell Based Assay series, SMi Group is delighted to launch its inaugural conference on 3D Cell Culture which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2017 in London. The agenda, as well as registration, is now live on

With a focus on clinical successes and emerging technologies, the conference will showcase how 3D Cell Culture has revolutionized drug discovery and toxicity screening, as well as how it is emerging as an invaluable tool in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The event will also highlight exciting opportunities and latest innovations, spheroid and organoid techniques, as well as key developments in 3D and 4D bio-printing, microfluidics, CRISPR and the ongoing debate of 2D vs 3D cell culture.

In line with this, GE Healthcare Life Sciences will host an exclusive half-day pre-conference workshop on bio-printing on 21st February 2017.


  • Compare the benefits and potential of 3D Cell Culture over 2D Cell Culture with Stefan Przyborski, Professor of Cell Technology, Durham University
  • Sanofi Aventis will be giving a technology update and comparisons of the latest technology available to 3D Cell Culture
  • Gain insights into high throughtput screening, and the use of CRISPR in 3D cultures from Novartis
  • Hear GlaxoSmithKline’s take on the use of 3D Cell Culture in toxicity investigations
  • Explore successful case studies on drug discovery and target validation with AstraZeneca
  • Discover how to harness organoid technology for personalised models of drug discovery with Hubrecht Organoid Technology Foundation
  • Discuss the EU regulatory considerations for use of cells in drug manufacturing with MHRA

Visit for more details and to register.

Early Bird: Book by 31st October to save £400. Book by 30th November to save £200. Book by 16th December to save £100.

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