Cellphones Hazardous for Brain

In this era of globalization, use of cellphones has become essential. For better or worse it has become an intrinsic part of modern life and culture. Keeping in contact with friends and family has become easier because of mobile phones. Business in this modern era could not survive without the use of mobile phone. It has become the source for any kind of information. Despite all the advantages cellphones are dangerous for health.


Cells in brain communicate through electrical impulses which travel throughout the body and carry messages to other cells and receptors.  These electrical impulses can be detected by Electroencephalogram (EEG) test. It is a test that records electrical patterns of brain. In recent year researchers from Netherlands conducted a study on mobile phone and found that radiation of dialing mobile phone is electrically detected by the brain. In the study, 31 healthy females were selected and were exposed to a 3G mobile phone for fifteen minutes. Their EEG activity was measured and change in brain activity was noted after radiation peaks. This study is not the only study that showed change in brain activity as a result of acute exposure to cellphone. Many other studies that were conducted in past years showed similar results.

This shows that brain of an individual is sensitive to cellphone radiation. Long term use of cellphone can increase risk of brain cancer due to which the World Health Organization also categorized radiation of mobile phone as a “possible human carcinogen”.

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