Air Pollution – The Ever-increasing Problem!

There is no doubt we are living in the age of globalization. World is evolving so fast that we have many industries working round the clock. Technology has also developed so rapidly that there is no doubt our lives are now becoming dependent on increasingly complex devices. They make our lives so infinitely easier that we cannot even think of living without it.


There are many benefits one could get from technology and can be seen in everything from electricity to global communications. Despite the advantages all these things lead to environmental pollution. Global warming and other climatic changes are the major consequences of industrialization.
There are various forms of pollution; air pollution which is contamination of air, is one of them. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide produced by different means such as factories and motor vehicles contaminate air and make it harder for living beings to survive.  The effects of air pollution are also alarming. Many respiratory diseases are caused by air pollution.  Cancer, lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma are also caused by polluted air. World Health Organization has also pointed out that every year around two million people die prematurely because of contaminated air. It also causes global warming and damages ozone layer. Many things can be done to reduce air pollution such as recycling, use of energy-efficient devices etc. Use of public transportation can also help in reducing air pollution as the number of vehicles on roads will automatically be reduced.

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