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Marmara University, Turkey

Marmara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey. Established on 16 January, 1883 under the name Hamidiye Ticaret Mekteb-i Âlisi, and affiliated with the Commercial, Agriculture, Forestry and Mining industry, Marmara University began its life in a house behind the Istanbul High School for Girls in Cağoğlu. The first graduates (13 people) matriculated in 1887. On 21 September, 1889 the school was affiliated with the Education Ministry; in 1893 the school was closed, with the idea that it would be reformed and reopened in the near future. On 15 October, 1897 the school, still affiliated with the Education Ministry, was reopened; from this date on the university has provided education.

The institution became known as the Istanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy in 1959; in 1982, with regulations that were carried out, the institute became officially known as Marmara University and took its place among Turkish Institutes of Higher Education.

The University’s mission is to work towards designing the future; along with the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, Marmara University is working towards determining the position it will occupy in the future. This data, attained in the scope of shareholders, in the process of defining the mission, vision, values and slogan, has benefited from the evaluatory process expressed in the draft provided by the academic and administrative units.

Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Medical university is situated in Plovdiv – a town that has unique history and atmosphere. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is a candidate for the European Capital of Culture. Every Bulgarian has two favourite cities- his or her hometown and Plovdiv.

The university structure is harmonious: Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health, Department of Languages and Specialized Training and a Medical College. 700 highly competent lecturers, over 200 of whom with Doctoral degrees train 4200 students from all levels of medical education.

The prestige of Medical University – Plovdiv is a result of continuous work of generations of wonderful and dedicated lecturers. During the course of your studies you will have the chance to feel the spirit and memory of the teachers who founded this University.

Wenzhou Medical University, China

Wenzhou Medical College of Zhejiang provincial key construction. Schools can be traced back to the founding in 1912 of Zhejiang Medical College, in August 1958 by the College of Medicine, Zhejiang Wenzhou from Hangzhou Branch moved to establish, the beginning of the “Zhejiang Second Medical College”, after the school site location to be renamed the “Wenzhou Medical Hospital “in 2013 changed its name to” Wenzhou Medical College. “
Five-year school in 1958 began to recruit undergraduate students, is the country’s first master’s degree granting unit, with a doctorate awarded. Existing clinical doctoral level; clinical medicine, eight master’s degree level subjects in pharmacy, biology, biomedical engineering, basic medicine, integrative medicine, pharmacy, nursing and so on. Clinical features a post-doctoral research station. Has recommended exemption outstanding college graduates to pursue a master’s degree qualification. Existing one National Engineering Research Center, a National Key Laboratory of Ministry of bases, 11 provincial and ministerial key laboratories (research center) training, a provincial “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center”, two provinces. ” priority one discipline, “a provincial priority disciplines and 10 provincial key disciplines.
The school has 32 undergraduate majors and a seven-year Accelerated Degree specialized fields of medicine, science, engineering, management science, literature, law, education and other seven disciplines. There are full-time students and more than 15,000 people (excluding Independent School – Wenzhou Renji Medical University), where 95 doctoral students, graduate students, more than 2,500 people, more than 600 academic education students. Schools have been formed from undergraduate to graduate students, doctoral and post-doctoral, from full-time to adult education, student education students and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan all-round, multi-level training system.

Central University of Rajasthan, India

The Central University of Rajasthan has been established in February 2009 by an Act of Parliament, the Central Universities Act 2009.The University started working temporarily from Jaipur and introduced two PG programmes in 2009-10, namely M.Sc./M.A. Statistics(Actuarial) and M.Sc.Tech. Mathematics in collaboration with Malaviya National Institute of Technology(MNIT), Jaipur. In 2010, the University was allotted over 518+ acres of land a Bandarsindri on Jaipur- Ajmer Road, about  80 k.m.  from Jaipur for establishment of its permanent campus.

UKM Medical Centre Library, Malaysia

Library UKM Medical Centre began service in July 1997. The library provides quality information resources, facilities and services to support learning, teaching and research activities for all faculty who are at the Health Campus SMEs. With an area of 20,000 square feet, the library can accommodate approximately 200 people.


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