Memory can’t be trusted!

Coming across the fact that most of the memories you cherish may not even be true makes you doubt your entire memory lane. Dr. Kimberly Wade conducted a study on false memories. According to the study, untrue events continuously imagined make us believe in them.


A memory implantation study was conducted in which there 400 people were used for the research.  Fabricated events were suggested to them and almost half of them were convinced for them being real. A series of untrue events were remembered by a few people. The false events suggested to the participants were believed by 30% to the extent that they even contributed and elaborated the events.  They described the events as if they really happened. 23% of the participants accepted the events to a certain extent and believed in them being real.

After the study it was perceived that differentiating between true and false memories while one is recollecting them, is not an easy task to do. Even if the events are being recollected in a closed research environment. The result of the research raises various questions. For instance on the originality of the memories that one has and them being used in significant matters.

Dr. Wade’s observations relating to the importance of the study was that there are various factors that have an impact on the emergence of the false events. But the fact that a large number of people can develop false memories is something to make note of. As false memories can affect behavior, intentions and attitude of people.

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