Workplace should be fun!

You want your employees to work harder and learn more? Create a fun environment! The more fun your workplace is the more you learn. Recent study reveals that it’s fun that makes the employees work harder, and affects their impromptu learning. According to Michael Tews, informal learning helps improve job performances of individuals.


It is deduced that a fun loving environment lessens the fear in people for learning new things. This in return inclines them to learn and try new things which results in better performances. Tews said that it has always been assumed that a manager’s emphasis on learning aids the employees. He emphasized that fun plays a vital role in the workplace. A fun loving environment lets people mingle and know each other which urges them further to help each other and hence learn more.

At the same time Tews warned that this is not always the case. Fun may have an adverse effect on the productivity of the workplace.  It is dependent on the managers how aptly they use fun, as a tool, for informal learning. One can never be sure about the result of management tactics. Hence a perfect management can never be gained.

A study was conducted on managers of fine dining restaurants and participants were asked to rate fun activities, their own bosses’ support for fun, their attitude and informal learning at their restaurants. The findings of which supported the idea of fun playing an important part for the workplace. However, these findings need to be validated by future researches.

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