Brain Cells and Inheritance of Genes!

For every newcomer to the world, family and friends instantly begin to speculate who the baby will be like – mother or father! This speculation has proved unanswerable for the reason that one can never guess the outcome. Sometimes the children tend to inherit the father’s traits and sometimes the mother’s.


Recently researchers from University of Utah dug into the science behind inheriting genes and discovered that it is a rather complicated matter. It had been thought that newborn cells equally inherit traits from the genes of both the parents. Contrary to this idea, the cells show partiality at a very early stage of development, and tend to silence one gene providing dominance to the other. This may happen that later the silenced genes emerge as well but they remain recessive. Their study on mice and other specimen showed this phenomenon visibly. Especially the brain cells were found depicting this nature in abundance.

This study has the potential to find the roots of many inherited diseases that mar the lives of people and then their off-springs.

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