New Cause of Cancer Discovered!

Cancer has been a deep and grave subject that has haunted the world and perplexed the researchers all around. Flurry of studies appear every now and then that point out various learnings and cautions – some hypothetical and most well-researched. Once again a study has come up that encompasses not one or two but almost all types of this dreaded disease and sheds light on the root cause of its occurrence. We have been told to stay away from carcinogenic materials, hazardous conditions, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle in order to reduce our chances of getting affected. But scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center discovered that DNA copying errors in multiplying cells take two-third of the burden of causing cancers.


Scientists studied 32 types of cancers including brain, prostate, breast, lung and more, to find out about their emergence. For each type they found that environmental causes and gene sequencing both played part. There are certain cancers like lung cancer where 65% of the occurrences are due to smoking and environmental causes. DNA errors did less harm there. But in brain, bones and prostate cancers more than 95% of the cases were due to mutations caused by DNA copying errors.

The researchers defined it as comparable to typing a 20-volume book, where typos are absolutely likely and natural to occur. They may be due to known reasons but still it is impossible to bring the typos to zero. Similarly DNA sequencing and occurrence of mutations is virtually impossible to avoid. Still the researchers stressed on the idea that people should adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid exposure to cancerous matter. Further one should hope for the best.

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