How to Figure Out Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a much dreaded disorder that destructs nerves and causes serious mental and physical disability. We mostly identify it in people with the shivering movements in their arms and legs but it is not restricted to this common symptom. There are many other ways to find out who may be a victim of this horrific neurological disease.


The initial symptoms include tiredness, feeling of depression or anxiety, stiffness of muscles, hampered speech, forgetting of words or ideas and much visible signs like tremors and problems in standing and walking. One clear symptom is lack of movement and expressions, and flattening of face that is called ‘masked face’. The brain of Parkinson’s disease patient slows down and does not efficiently transmit orders to the body and therefore, the movements retard and body parts slump. This causes dire agony to the patients.

Bentham Science provides research articles that can play a vital role in fight against Parkinson’s disease. For example:


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