Highlighted Article – A Study on Identification of Nutraceutical Value of New Imidazolone Schiff Base Analogues – Letters in Drug Design & Discovery

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Testimonial by Ahmed M. Agiba!

Ahmed M. Agiba

Contributed Article: Geriatric-Oriented High Dose Nutraceutical ODTs: Formulation and Physicomechanical Characterization 

Highlighted Article – Thermodynamic Properties and Strength of Bonds in Some Organic and Bioorganic Compunds – Current Physical Chemistry

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Most Accessed Article – Discovery of Putative Halogenases in Environmental Samples Using Meta- genomics – Current Biotechnology

Journal: Current Biotechnology

Author(s): Özlem Erol, Isabel W.C.E. Arends, Gerard Muyzer.

Graphical Abstract:


Background: Halogenases are involved in the halogenation of secondary metabolites with pharmaceutical relevance, such as the antibiotics chloramphenicol and vancomycin. Hereby flavin- or FADH2-dependent halogenases represents the major class of halogenases. Previous investigations on flavin-dependent halogenases have focused on Actinomycetes and sponge-associated microorganisms. In order to extend our knowledge on the diversity and distribution of halogenases we have applied a PCR-based screening approach to show the wide distribution of flavin-dependent halogenases in metagenomes of microbial communities from different environments, such as soils and sediments.

Methods: For the screening of new flavin-dependent halogenases a metagenomic approach was used. Metagenomic libraries were constructed and screened by homology-driven PCR based on degenerate primers designed from known flavin-dependent halogenases.

Results: We screened 55 environmental samples that we collected from different habitats by a PCRbased screening for novel flavin-dependent halogenases. The phylogenetic analysis of the putative halogenases together with the 16S Amplicon sequencing results of the environmental samples demonstrates the wide distribution of the halogenases and the large sequence diversity. In addition, metagenomic libraries were constructed to screen for flavin-dependent halogenases.

Conclusion: The metagenomic approach described in this paper is a promising method to explore novel putative halogenases from different environments.

To access the article, please visit: http://www.eurekaselect.com/145933 

Upcoming Thematic Issue – Antineoplastic Alkaloids: A medical approach from a Chemical Vision – Anti- Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

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Testimonial by Zhijun Yang!

Zhijun Yang

Contributed Article: Long-lasting insulin treatment via a single subcutaneous administration of liposomes in thermoreversible Pluronic® F127 based hydrogel

Highlighted Article – Geriatric-Oriented High Dose Nutraceutical ODTs – Current Drug Delivery

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Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Prof. Undurti N Das!

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Prof. Undurti N Das

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Current Nutrition & Food Science

UND Life Sciences
Shaker Heights
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Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Dr. David Watson!

david watson

Dr. David Watson

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Current Metabolomics
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Highlighted Article – Engineering Crops for the Future: A Phosphoproteomics Approach – Current Protein & Peptide Science

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