Highlighted Article – The Bio-Psycho-Social Dimension in Women’s Sexual Desire – Current Drug Targets

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New Issue :: Current Pharmaceutical Design 23, Issue 7

Current Pharmaceutical Design publishes timely in-depth reviews and research articles from leading pharmaceutical researchers in the field, covering all aspects of current research in rational drug design. Each issue is devoted to a single major therapeutic area guest edited by an acknowledged authority in the field.

Each thematic issue of Current Pharmaceutical Design covers all subject areas of major importance to modern drug design including: medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug targets and disease mechanism.


Articles from the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design 23, Issue 7:

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Upcoming Thematic Issue – Influence of Computational Chemistry on the Mechanistic View of Organic Reactions – Current Organic Chemistry



Highlighted Article – Effect of Metformin and Statin Use on Survival in Pancreatic Cancer Patients – Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Testimonial by Ali Cagir!

Ali Cagir

Contributed Article: Evaluation of Multifunctional Hybrid Analogs for Stilbenes, Chalcones and Flavanones


Bentham science Hepatitis-day

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on 28 July and brings the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change. Viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death globally, accounting for 1.34 million deaths per year – that’s as many as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria.

Bentham Science Publishers is in the forefront in creating awareness about Hepatitis through the research in the following journals:

Current Hypertension Reviews

Infectious Disorders – Drug Targets

Highlighted Article – Essential Oil Composition, In Vivo Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Activities of Pimpinella pruatjan from West Java, Indonesia – The Natural Products Journal

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New Issue :: CNS & Neurological Disorders – Drug Targets 16, Issue 3

CNS & Neurological Disorders – Drug Targets aims to cover all the latest and outstanding developments on the medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry of contemporary molecular targets involved in neurological and central nervous system (CNS) disorders e.g. disease specific proteins, receptors, enzymes, genes.

CNS & Neurological Disorders – Drug Targets publishes guest edited thematic issues written by leaders in the field covering a range of current topics of CNS & neurological drug targets. The journal also accepts for publication original research articles, letters, reviews and drug clinical trial studies.

As the discovery, identification, characterization and validation of novel human drug targets for neurological and CNS drug discovery continues to grow; this journal is essential reading for all pharmaceutical scientists involved in drug discovery and development.


Articles from the journal CNS & Neurological Disorders – Drug Targets 16, Issue 3:

                     For details on the articles, please visit this link :: http://bit.ly/2uAKCAM

Highlighted Article – Chlorella Vulgaris Induces Apoptosis of Human Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) Cells – Medicinal Chemistry

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Testimonial by Akash Dixit!

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Contributed Article: “Structural Health Monitoring Systems and Methods