Winter Brings Some Common Ailments

Winter is fast approaching again and we are all set to welcome it. Our warm clothes are out, blankets lay ready on beds, heaters are on and now we are looking to gather the most essential medicines we need this season. Here are some common ailments that we need to brace ourselves against.



It gets extremely easy to catch cold in winter. These can be simple colds or the deadly pneumonia that we are vulnerable to, as the viruses and bacteria spread in the cold weather. We can prevent ourselves and family by keeping the house and surroundings clean. Also, we need to regularly wash our hands before eating and doing our daily chores.

Joint Pains

If you suffer from arthritis or other bones and joint problems, you need to be extra careful. The pain in joints and bones increases with lower temperatures. The real cause for this is not clear but this phenomenon is very common and disturbing.

Sore Throat

Infections that cause sore throat become highly active too. We have to keep avoiding chilled drinks and water and keep warm throughout the day. If you fall ill try gargling with salt dissolved in warm water. This will soothe the throat.


Asthma patients are very likely to have their problem aggravated, especially if dry, cold winds are blowing in winter. We can generally find our oxygen levels reduce and moisture lost in windy season. This can be dangerous and should not be neglected. We need to keep the medicines and asthma pumps ready at all times to get instant help when needed.

Stomach Aches & Nausea

Norovirus is what creates stomach issues in cold season. Nausea, diarrhea, and constant stomach aches are telltale signs of norovirus. It takes its time to cure and we need to keep patience and general measures to bring our bellies back to normal.

There are many more issues that may be more severe and we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep them all at bay.



Author: Bentham Science Publishers

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