Bentham Science Free Trial in The University’s Library of The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce| Free Trial ends on April 30, 2019


The library commenced its functioning in 1969 when The Teachers’ College was created. The collection of books and manuscripts, the place of operation as well as employees, were inherited after The Library of Teachers’ Studies (including the collection gathered by then already non-existent The Pedagogical High School, which was the original proprietor of the place mentioned herein-above).

The library has gone beyond an immense transformation during its forty years of existence. Conditions had been changing, the library had been moving places and restructuring. There had been a continual rotation in crew and employers individual task and responsibilities had been altering. Yet, most importantly, the collection had been growing. Besides traditional – paper volumes, there had been appearing new, digital information storage media and huge databases. The library’s collection has been being digitalised henceforth. Therefore, work conditions for the librarians have chanced significantly, as as well as their theoretical and practical backgrounds.



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