Author(s): Ewelina Dziurkowska, Marek Wesolowski*.

Journal Name: Current Analytical Chemistry

This study was designed to develop a reliable method for simultaneous quantitation of Citalopram (CIT) and its main active metabolite, Desmethylcitalopram (DCIT), in saliva of patients undergoing treatment with CIT.

To compare two procedures of saliva purification, Solid-Phase (SPE) and Liquid-Liquid (LLE) extractions, saliva samples obtained from healthy volunteers were spiked with adequate quantities of CIT and DCIT. Different cartridges were used for SPE, while dichloromethane for LLE. Chromatographic separation and quantitation were carried out by UHPLC with DAD detector using a C-18 column and a mixture of acetonitrile and redistilled water (37:63, v:v) with the addition of formic acid (pH 3.5) as a mobile phase. Read out full article here: