Bentham Science Free Trial in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University | Free Trial ends on 12th August, 2019


It is our pleasure to inform you that Bentham Science Publishers has activated a 3 month trial subscription for Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. The trial subscription covers access to Bentham Science journal content.

Bentham Science uses the platform; Eurekaselect (our proprietary platform) for offering journal trials. The trial has been activated on Eureka

Members of your library can view all Bentham Science journal issues (2000-2019) in full text, via the following URL:

Online Trial Access Procedure:

To access the free trial offer, you do not need to insert a user ID or a password. Instead you can access the following URLs by logging through the library’s registered IP Addresses in your browser:

Eureka Select:

Free Trial Announcement Among The Users Of Your Library/Institution

We will appreciate it if you could announce the availability of this free trial to all the members of your library/institution. By alerting your members, maximum people would be able to benefit from access to our top class scientific content.

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Shenyang Pharmaceutical University is a university in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. It is the first research institute in pharmaceutical sciences in China.

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University has traditions that have brought it to prominence as one of two comprehensive pharmaceutical universities in China. It started at Ruijin in the Jiangxi in 1931 and moved to its present location on the banks of the Hun River in Shenyang, Liaoning in 1949.

SPU has developed into a multidisciplinary, multilevel and multiform institute of higher learning, covering wide and diverse majors in pharmaceutical study. It consists of the schools of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Business Administration, Basic Courses, and Adult Education. SPU has been authorized to confer master’s and doctor’s degrees and to enroll students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, as well as other countries.

SPU has a staff of 1,111; among them there are 394 full-time teachers. More than 3,000 academic papers have been published by SPU academics on research toward recommended dosages of pharmaceutical preparations, on chemical and active components of traditional Chinese medicines and natural drugs, etc. This scientific exploration is at the forefront of research in China.

In recent years, mutually beneficial collaborative efforts have come to fruition between the university’s academics and all levels of government: city, province, and state.

Author: Bentham Science

Bentham Science is a leading publishing company in the field of science, technology, and medicine. Established in 1992, the company has grown to become one of the most reputable and respected publishers in the scientific community. Bentham Science publishes more than 100 online and print journals, along with over 300 eBooks and over 2000 reference works. These publications cover a wide range of topics, including pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, and more. In addition to its publications, Bentham Science also provides various services to the scientific community, including manuscript editing, article formatting, and language polishing. The company is committed to promoting scientific research and discovery by providing a platform for researchers to share their work with a wider audience. Bentham Science's reputation for excellence is built on a commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation. Its editorial team consists of experts in their respective fields who ensure that all publications are rigorously peer-reviewed and meet the highest standards of scientific accuracy. Overall, Bentham Science is an invaluable resource for scientists, researchers, and academics who are looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their fields. With its wide range of publications and commitment to quality, the company is poised to remain a leader in the scientific publishing industry for years to come.

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