Journal Name: Current Bioinformatics

Author(s): Wei Zhang, Wenchao Li, Jianming Zhang*, Ning Wang.


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Background: Gene Regulatory Network (GRN) inference algorithms aim to explore casual interactions between genes and transcriptional factors. High-throughput transcriptomics data including DNA microarray and single cell expression data contain complementary information in network inference.

Objective: To enhance GRN inference, data integration across various types of expression data becomes an economic and efficient solution.

Method: In this paper, a novel E-alpha integration rule-based ensemble inference algorithm is proposed to merge complementary information from microarray and single cell expression data. This paper implements a Gradient Boosting Tree (GBT) inference algorithm to compute importance scores for candidate gene-gene pairs. The proposed E-alpha rule quantitatively evaluates the credibility levels of each information source and determines the final ranked list. Read out full article here: