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Join as Executive Guest Editor for the Journal

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The Executive Guest Editors will be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. An optional brief CV and photograph of the Executive Guest Editor will be displayed on the journal’s website.
  2. Executive Guest Editors will be entitled each year to a free Open Access publication of an article (subjected to acceptance) in any Bentham subscription journal. This may have a value of up to US$3,000. (Open Access publishing provides wide accessibility of the article and is normally a paid service. To view some of the Open access articles in the journal, please visit the journal’s website).
  3. The Executive Guest Editor will receive a free online access to the journal for the calendar year in which their thematic issue is published.
  4. The Executive Guest Editor will be given free online access to any 6 books of his/her choice from the Bentham list of E Books.
  5. The Executive Guest Editor will receive a hard copy of the published thematic issue for personal use.
  6. The Executive Guest Editor will get 50% discount on the publication fee of their article in any Open Access Bentham Journal.
  7. On final publication of their thematic issue the Executive Guest Editors will get a Certificate of Contribution from the Editorial Office.


Bentham Science is interested in appointing active Executive Guest Editors for  the journal; Current Chinese Science. If you are working in the related field of the journal and interested in becoming an Executive Guest Editor, please send us your CV and a list of publications. You can also recommend suitable colleagues for the same, and, if possible, send their CV along with their list of publications. To know more about the journal, please visit:

Mention in the subject line the field of interest, and send your CV at: and


Author: Bentham Science

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