New Book Announcement – Current Advances in Breast Cancer Research: A Molecular Approach

Breast cancer is one of the life-threatening diseases in women worldwide, leading to the mortality of millions of people all around the world. The increased prevalence of breast cancer globally in recent years has increased challenges to clinicians and researchers as well. The availability of appropriate detection tools for early detection is the major part of the clinical management of breast cancer patients in the present scenarios. Together with the current imaging techniques, molecular biomarkers based research has gained huge momentum in disease management in recent years. Molecular biomarkers are considered to be the best candidates to evaluate prognosis and therapeutics efficacy. Several biomarkers derived from gene-based technology through invasive approaches have revealed their wide scope in risk assessment of this particular disease. This book, gives details about developments in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics for the mining of novel biomarkers for breast cancer early detection. The first four chapters have emphasized to explore the basic understanding of breast cancer and management strategies of breast cancer. The molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis in breast cancer is more concerning to oncologists. The cardinal manifestation of cancer involves gene and protein modification to altering molecular pathways. Chapters 5 to 12 have delineated the basic mechanisms of cancer involved in the progression and metastasis. The role of mitochondrial-mediated energy associate and metabolic pathways has great significance in cancer, and separate chapters have given full emphasis to explore carcinogenic pathways. These chapters also deal with the heterogeneity of breast cancer and new development in diagnosing breast cancer in immunological prospective breast cancer biology. The last two chapters, it have dealt with the current therapeutics and the development of new therapy for breast cancer using natural bioactive compounds and nanotechnology-based approaches. Overall, 14 chapters have been included in this book, which dealwith the current perspectives of breast cancer progression. This book presents a compilation of basic and advanced research on breast cancer biology. This book outlines breast cancer research developments in contemporary years. We hope that the readers will be benefitted by understanding the advances in the biology of breast cancer research through this book. Read out the full version here.

Shankar Suman
Cancer Comprehensive Centre,
Biomedical Research Tower,
The Ohio State University
West 12th Avenue,
Garima Suman
Department of Radiodiagnosis,
Tata memorial hospital,
Dr. E Borges Road,
(Maharashtra) India
Sanjay Mishra
Department of Pathology,
The Ohio State University,

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