Gabriella Marfe and Carla Di Stefano’s new book is essential treatise on the issues envornmental health and waste management.

Many of us have concerns about the pollution round the globe, but we often overlook the essential issue of human health. Interactions between human activities and the environment are complicated and it could necessary to create the optimal balance among environmental protection, social well-being, economic growth, and technological progress. The global environment is under massive stress from centuries of human industrialization. The impact this will have on human health is tremendous, and we are only just now discovering what the long-term outcomes may be.

Hazardous Waste Management and Health Risks aims to point out critical areas of environmental controls: the regulation and management of hazardous wastes to interested readers. The book focuses on several aspects of hazardous waste, from its sources to its consequences, for human health and natural environment. The authors underline that inadequate and inappropriate handling of health-care waste could pose a significant risk for public health and environment. In this scenario, sound management of health-care waste plays a critical role of environmental health protection.

Readers, students, and professionals alike, will also learn about important concepts of sustainable solid waste management on their way to grasping the underpinnings of a ‘zero waste’ strategy. Furthermore, this book explains how the release of chemical toxins derived by hazardous waste can be negatively implicated in environmental and health impacts. For example, it addresses the correlation between the heavy metal pollution and various acute and chronic diseases in human beings, and also illustrates how reproductive biomarkers can be considered as early signals of environmental pressure and increased risk of adverse chronic health effects, outlining a possible new approach in public health. Such approaches are very useful for preventive health surveillance programs, especially in the realm of environmental risk assessment. Read the full Press Release to find out more:

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