Halogenated pyridines can be used as interesting starting materials in a wide range of organic synthesis methods. Substituted pyridine compounds are used generally as starting materials in the nucleophilic substitution reactions and have unique scaffolds for the construction of other heterocyclic and macrocyclic compounds. They also have important medicinal properties. Due to synthetic difficulties in the synthesis of the highly substituted pyridine derivatives from pyridine itself, perhalopyridines have a special importance in this regard.

Perhalopyridines: Synthesis and Synthetic Utility covers the synthetic reactions and applications of perhalopyridines. An introductory chapter introduces the reader to the physical and chemical properties of halopyridines, followed by 3 chapters which focus on pentafluoropyridine, pentachloropyridine and pentabromopyridine, respectively. The focused chapters provide information about synthetic methods and relevant nucleophilic reactions for each of the listed perhalopyridines and their derivatives. Read the full Press Release to find out more: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-09/bsp-raa092220.php

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