This concise clinical reference facilitates health consultants and professionals for determining treatment options for some common prenatal and postpartum infections during pregnancy and the puerperium in patients.

Key Features

– Presents 9 organized, easy to read chapters on anti-infective agents for pregnant patients

– Covers pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of relevant anti-infective agents

– Includes information on classification and safety of anti-infective agents

– Includes treatment of urinary tract infections

– Covers medications for sexually transmitted diseases, including a complete section dedicated to HIV medication

– Provides information about vulvovaginal infections

– Covers the treatment of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

– Innovates with information about herbal remedies for infection for patients during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and Anti-Infective Agents is therefore, a valuable handbook that enables quick consultation on safe antibiotics for the treatment of a variety of infections in pregnancy.

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