What is it about?

This is the second volume of the 4-volume eBook series, “Medicinal Chemistry for Pharmacy Students”. The primary objective of this e-Book series is to educate PharmD students in the area of medicinal chemistry and serve as a reference guide to pharmacists on aspects of chemical basis of drug action. A thorough discussion of key physicochemical parameters of therapeutic agents and how they affect the biochemical, pharmacological, pharmacokinetic processes and clinical use of these agents is the primary focus of the whole book. The rationale for putting together an e-Book of this nature is to equip PharmD students with the scientific basis to competently evaluate, recommend and counsel patients and health care professionals regarding the safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of medications.

Why is it important?

This volume is important to the Pharmacy students to understand the concepts of drug action by applying the chemical and pharmacological principles. The chapters in this volume are designed to guide the students and instructors to review, integrate and apply medicinal chemistry principles of drug action of therapeutic agents. All concepts are illustrated with diagrams or figures, with the keywords highlighted, bulleted or numbered. Wherever needed, special boxes and case studies are included. In addition, each chapter is reinforced with student’s self-study guides and self-assessment question. Special notations are highlighted using call-out boxes for visual effect. Tables and figures are used to augment the text as needed. Learn more here: https://www.growkudos.com/publications/10.2174%25252F97898114540731200201/reader