What is it about?

Heterocycles are usually assembled from more than two starting materials. For making heterocycle formation smoothly and in a one-pot fashion we established the catalytic generation of alkynones, i.e. reactive Michael systems, before adding further components to the reaction mixture to selectively form the compound class of choice. By the substitution pattern of the starting materials the structural and functional diversity of these efficiently formed heterocycles are varied in a wide range.

Why is it important?

Heterocycles are the most important small molecules, since the contain functionality that is of utmost importance for their biological or materials properties. Concise, diversity-oriented heterocycle synthesis in a one-pot fashion enhance the establishing of substance libraries, which are very important to establish structure-property-function relationships of molecular materials, ranging from life sciences over molecular electronics to materials sciences. Read more about the article here: https://bit.ly/3ADAjvC