A Podcast by Dr. Ashish Srivastava: CRISPR/ Cas9 Off-targets: Computational Analysis of Causes, Prediction, Detection, and Overcoming Strategies 

CRISPR/ Cas9 Off-targets: Computational Analysis of Causes, Prediction, Detection, and Overcoming Strategies

Author(s): Roshan Kumar Roy, Ipsita Debashree, Sonal Srivastava, Narayan Rishi and Ashish Srivastava*


CRISPR/Cas9 technology is a highly flexible RNA-guided endonuclease (RGEN) based gene-editing tool that has transformed the field of genomics, gene therapy, and genome/ epigenome imaging. Its wide range of applications provides immense scope for understanding as well as manipulating genetic/epigenetic elements. However, the RGEN is prone to off-target mutagenesis that leads to deleterious effects. This review details the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the off-target activity, various available detection tools and prediction methodology ranging from sequencing to machine learning approaches, and the strategies to overcome/minimise off-targets. A coherent and concise method increasing target precision would prove indispensable to concrete manipulation and interpretation of genome editing results that can revolutionise therapeutics, including clarity in genome regulatory mechanisms during development. Listen in: https://bit.ly/3JF9D1k

Author: Bentham Science Publishers

A major STM journal publisher of more than 100 online and print journals and related print/online book series, Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences.

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